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About Our Company

Hupe MFG is a family-run proprietorship, with three full-time workers and sales worldwide (seven countries to date). Hupe MFG specializes in the research, design and manufacture of customized anodizing line systems. Such research includes the development of new first-in-class anodizing line control systems that are full-stack, including electronic hardware, firmware and software for thermal and aeration control, analytics, process repeatability and traceability. Systems of this scope, power and accuracy have typically been held as private in-house projects of large firms, so research into this domain has exposed a huge market for anodizing firms with a desire for high-quality off-the-shelf anodizing control solutions.

Hupe MFG offers a wide variety of customized services including:

The manufacture of customized anodizing line systems. These systems are pre-made at our facility and are shipped ready-to-use. These systems include all required equipment for basic anodizing and maintenance. We travel to the customer’s facility to oversee the installation and perform training. These line systems can be used for regular anodizing or DiamonDyze. DiamonDyze was created by Dale Hupe of Hupe MFG and is marketed by Tech Line Coatings Inc. DiamonDyze is a ceramic-based anodic layer that offers a high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and high salt resistance. It is also a non-dimensional product that does NOT add any size to your part. This is a product that is chemically inserted into the aluminum itself, not just as a top layer. Any aluminum part that can be anodized is able to be DiamonDyzed.

On-site research and development of the DiamonDyze product line. This service includes production for a varied range of customer requests, from industrial to personal applications such as engine parts, camera parts, brackets, etc.

Design to production of custom plastic tanks and various plastic welding and repair.

Solid modeling and CNC prototyping in Aluminum.

Powder coating of industrial, commercial, and personal components, as well as our own custom creations.

Custom engraving on a variety of different materials.

Custom metal-work and metal art products.

Hupe MFG has several years of experience in developing industry-first anodizing technologies. We also have a well-equipped machine shop, experience in machining, production of anodizing equipment including vats, metal and plastic welding, plasma cutting, etching, powder coating, CNC, and CAD. We have extensive and detailed knowledge of the anodizing market and its demands and opportunities.

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