Fiber lasers are up and coming for deep engravings. They work by sending pulses of light through a fiber-optic cable, the light bounces off the sides creating a certain wavelength. At the end of the tube there are mirrors that are computer controlled which direct the laser beam down on to what you are engraving. You can engrave a variety of materials from metal to leather with high precision for detailed engravings. Fiber lasers are also capable of marking stainless steel to produce a color.

What is a CO2 laser engraving?

CO₂ laser engravers are highly precise instruments used to inscribe, decorate, or make custom logos on acrylic, wood, paper, metals, plastics, and an array of other materials. CO2 laser engraving is done by producing a laser beam in a sealed glass tube filled with carbon dioxide. A very high voltage mixes in with the gas to produce light. You can create any design to be engraved, from business cards to serial number tags all the way to something special for a loved one.

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